11th Annual Seattle Art Car Blowout

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Monstero art car

Kelly, director of Seattle Art Cars, is inviting the Seattle car and art community to come out and experience the art cars! Held at the Fremont Fair from June 20th to 21st, the show is a unique and entertaining exhibit of decorated cars that are both wacky and amazing.

“I’m writing to invite everyone to come to the 11th annual ‘SEATTLE ARTCAR BLOWOUT’ at the Fremont Fair, June 20th and 21st. We’ll exhibit decorated vehicles from all over the U.S and B.C, on the Upper Burke Lot on 35th street.

This is 60 or more painted cars, glued/assemblage/sculpted, cars welded and or modified in every conceivable manner, all guaranteed to induce awe as well as laughter. The Fremont Fair is free and family-friendly (although it’s now-famous-for-the-200-naked-bicyclists), while art cars are growing in popularity every year as more and more people start making personal artistic statements on their daily transportation.

When I started my first art car – a horse-themed Pinto – in ’86, it was one of 2 or 3 in Seattle. Now there are presumably 50 or 75 of us [art car modders] and more showing up monthly. We welcome any and all ‘skill levels’ of decoration, the only common denominator is an appreciation of public rolling art and a sense of humour. Cars are registering from Canada, Texas, California, Kansas, and more. Be sure to check out Dave Major’s tiny airplane BMW, and Rex Rosenberg’s ‘CHEWBARU’, a Subaru covered in dentures.

Go to www.seattleartcars.org for information or to donate (we do fund-raising, because most Artcar shows reimburse gas costs to participants, as well as house and feed them for 3 days. For example: a single van from Texas can be $1,200. So 20 or 30 out-of-town cars adds up in a hurry!).

Let the Good Times ROLL!”

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