A Seattle Woman’s Perspective on Car Buying

Audi R9Here’s the truth: Women are better shoppers than men.

Perhaps the “shopping gene” is carried on the X chromosome. We have two “X’s”; thereby we are twice as efficient and productive. Or perhaps it is an environmental part of our upbringing. At an early age, wise mothers pass along two key concepts to their daughters:

1. You get what you pay for 2.Never pay full price Read more

Car Rentals Tips From a Traveling Journalist Part III

Sometimes we forget the basic common sense and/or courtesy rules when we’re in the happy haze of being away from home. Remembering what your parents drilled into when you first got your license, can save you from car rental hell.

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Car Rental Tips From a Traveling Journalist Part II

We’ve read about upgrades and downgrades, but you yourself can avoid car rentals disasters by using some common sense.

The more you’ve rented a car, the more you can learn. Here are two memorable debacles. Read more

Car Rental Tips from a Traveling Journalist

Between a career which has traveled me all over the U.S. and an adventurous spirit that leads me to wander off in my free time, I’ve probably rented more cars in the past five years than most people will rent, collectively, in their lifetimes.

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