Bio: Bob Smith – Seattle Auto Partner

The following is a short bio about Bob Smith, one of Seattle Auto’s feature partners and insurance providers. Call Bob and Advanced Insurance Solutions at 206-290-7109 to get an insurance quote for your vehicle today.

Bob Smith has been a lifelong professional insurance agent with over 25 years of experience. Being a risk manager, Bob has focused his efforts on helping people find the correct insurance policies and educating customer’s on how insurance can impact their life. Bob believes that the first step to success begins with education, that’s why he encourages parent’s to bring in their teens for his young driver talk, where he demonstrates not only the dangers of the road, but also the repercussions of their choices.

Bob has been active in the local community as well. Bob believes in giving back to the community. He donates to many different charities including Rampathon, helping to get ramps to disabled low-income homeowners. He is an active member of the Master Builders Association the last 10 years and has helped planning for builders and remodelers. This has given Bob the necessary tools to look at each home and evaluate its individual needs and coverage’s.

While Bob is active with builders, his background and education is in financial planning. Whether it’s planning for retirement, the evitable or business planning and succession, Bob’s experience enables him to build a tailored plan to fit the needs of the individuals or businesses he serves.

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