The Best 2009 Cars for the Money

Everyone is looking for value. Gone are the days when you spend too much on features and buy something loaded with items you don’t need. The Seattle area driver for the most part is smart. In today’s Seattle car market, most people looking to purchase a vehicle are educated, and aren’t willing to spend frivolously. Read more

The 2009 Subaru Forester Review

After driving the 2009 Forester 2.5XT for one week, we have come to many conclusions as to why Subarus and the Forester in particular are so popular in the Seattle area. In short, the vehicle does many things well. Read more

Subaru, Seattle’s Unofficial Car Maker!

You’ve seen them in parking lots of your local PCC, packed with two car seats on the east side, or in traffic around Safeco field after a Mariners game…the Subaru nation of Seattle.

The versatile AWD vehicle captures the essence of the northwest driver. Versatility, handling, and capacity are just some of the words that appeal to local drivers about Subaru.

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Seattle Test Drive Review for the 2009 Toyota Venza

After reading and hearing so much about the 2009 Toyota Venza, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When driving most cross-over type vehicles it’s either one or the other. Either it feels like a truck but looks like a sedan, or handles like a sedan and looks like a SUV. It’s rare to get a true combination of both. But after driving the 2009 Venza, I know why Toyota waited a while to get into the crossover market, they wanted to get it right. Read more

The 2010 Toyota Prius is in Hybrid Heaven in Seattle

It’s rare when a vehicle actually lives up to the hype. But by all accounts, the 2010 Toyota Prius will do just that and maybe more. Unveiled at the Detroit auto show, Toyota made a big splash, and maybe even sent a message to other hybrid automakers. Read more

The 2009 Toyota Venza Sounds Perfect for Seattle

In a year when automakers are desperate for something to catch the attention of weary buyers, Toyota may have found it. The new 2009 Toyota Venza is a mixture of different cars and SUVs rolled into one. Think the engine efficiency of an Avalon, the capacity similar to a Highlander, and performs like a RAV4 on steroids.

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The Washington Huskies Formula Motorsport Team

While the Washington Huskies have suffered through their worst football season ever, on the upper campus, another UW team is gaining praise throughout the nation – the Motorsports team.
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The Bad Boy Buggy is All Good

How would people describe a typical off-road vehicle? Maybe loud, possibly rugged, but certainly gas burning. That’s where the Bad Boy Buggy comes in. Read more

Seattle’s Electric Car, Built in Washington State!

You can’t help but stare at the white on white low profile car at the Seattle Auto Show. It just looks a little different than the other vehicles on the showroom floor. And it is different, vastly different. It’s called the Electric Composite Hatchback(ECH for short). The creator is Bob Fraik of Bainbridge Island. Frustrated with the rollercoaster economy and his concerns about the environment, led to this plug-in creation. Read more

The Smart Car is a Smart Move!

“Hey what’s that?!”

That’s usually what you hear when people see the Smart Car Fourtwo in the Seattle area. The size, the way it handles, and overall appealing looks makes the Fourtwo a unique vehicle for the road. Read more

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