Mini Vans, a Dying Breed

dThe classic mini van is going the way of the dinosaur and free coffee at a rest stop, they are dying out. While these larger family vehicles will never truly go extinct, they are harder to find in auto show rooms across the country. Read more

The 2009 Seattle Auto Show, Things to Look For!

This year’s Seattle Auto Show brings something different to the table. It’ll be interesting to see if and how auto makers have changed some of the marketing for vehicles in light of gas prices and the economy. Read more

Seattle Auto Show, Nov 5-9, Qwest Event Center

The Seattle Auto Show will be taking place from November 5th through the 9th at the Qwest Field Event Center. As the city’s largest annual automotive event, this five day event event will feature hundreds of 2009 model vehicles from sedans to sports cars and hybrids to SUVs. Read more

Differences Between the Soccer Mom and Yoga Mom Vehicles

The word itself, “soccer mom”, usually conjures up negative connotations of someone with the huge gas guzzling van or SUV with honor roll stickers on the outside, and kids screaming on the inside. But that type of mother has evolved.

Enter the Yoga Mom.

Read more

The Demise of American Automakers – Part 1

It’s a sad day for American automakers when the makers of Hot Wheels is worth more than the largest automakers in America. In earnings releases, General Motors shares have gone from bad to worse, as investors flee from a company that is operating at an average loss of $1 billion dollars per month. Read more

Tough for Car Dealers = Good for Buyers!

The car industry has been a punching bag in 2008. In turn, it’s been a difficult year for those trying to sell cars, maybe the worst year ever. Everything from gas, to the economy and general consumer confidence has hurt those trying to sell cars. Read more

Cool Car Gadgets Reviewed

Maybe it’s the James Bond effect, wouldn’t we all love to have “Q” telling us to push the cigarette lighter to launch the surface to air missiles from the Lotus? Car gadgets haven’t gone to that extreme (yet) for the general public, but it is somewhat of an arms race between auto makers and gadgets companies. Read more

Changing Your Own Oil 101

Changing the oil is the most common auto maintenance tasks that you will perform each year. Regular oil changes keep your engine running smoothly and removes particle and sludge buildup that results from everyday driving. Read more

Features and Pricing on Honda’s New 2009 Accord

Honda’s new 2009 Accord will be a sleeker and more elegant version of the 2007 and 2008 models. A perennial favorite for the American family, Honda is hoping to up the ante by adding more luxury to it’s bread and butter line. Read more

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