Seattle Car Drivers are Spending Less Time in Traffic?

onramp-trafficGas prices go up, more people out of work equals fewer folks on the road? It would seem to make sense. And according to a national study done by the Texas Transportation Institute, those factors have caused for less congestion around the country. Read more

K1 Speed in Redmond

It’s Friday night and you’re feeling the need for speed. You look over at the driver next to you and make a scowl. He shoots a looks back and revs up the motor in response. It’s game time. No, this isn’t a late night race on Highway 167, it’s clean bit of office rivalry over at K1 Speed in Redmond.
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Snow Driving Tips: Getting up the Hill

Seattle is known for it’s rolling hills and beautiful mountain ranges. But come winter, those same hills turn into steep, slippery nightmares for most drivers.

However, there’s a few tips on how even a novice driver can conquer many a Seattle hill. Read more

A Car Winterization Guide for Seattle Drivers – Part 1

Don’t look now, because signs of Old Man Winter are creeping upon us again. With defrosters hard at work in the morning, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be reaching for the gloves and ice scraper as well for that morning commute.
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A Quick and Easy Way to Eliminate Blind Spots

The scene: You’re driving on the highway. Approaching your off ramp, you signal from the middle lane and glance over at your passenger side mirror. It’s completely clear.

You steer smoothly into the right hand lane when suddenly- a car materializes Read more

Enjoying the Ride in Washington State

It’s hard to imagine, especially in traffic, but a nice way to relax and unleash a little speed is getting into the car for a drive. As the population in Western Washington grows and more cars hit the road, fun driving is becoming harder to find. The days of putting down the roof, cranking the tunes, and pushing the RPM’s, is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Read more

Tips for Driving in the Rain

It’s that time of year again.

Stores are stocking up on candy, your co-workers are talking about costumes and your kids are screaming “Boo!” every chance they get.

No, we’re not talking Halloween – we’re talking back to Seattle’s wet driving season. Read more

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