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Stolen Cars in Washington vs the Nation

It’s a terrible feeling, walking out to the parking lot and all you see is broken glass and an empty parking stall. It happens everywhere in the Seattle area, no neighborhood is safe. While certain areas are hotter than others, car theft is a problem everywhere. Read more

Don’t be at Fault: How to Prevent Insurance Hikes

Next to a visit to the dentist, getting into a car accident ranks as one of the most aggravating experiences to be in. Police reports, repairs, injuries and even court appearances make life miserable enough, but the coup de grace is learning that your insurance rates have been jacked up. Read more

Auto Insurance and PIP, Who Needs it?

Most drivers never look through their auto insurance policies. It’s understandable considering it’s full of jargon and legalese. However over the years, there’s been a debate on a three letter word found in most Washington car insurance policies; PIP. Read more

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