Differences Between the Soccer Mom and Yoga Mom Vehicles

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The word itself, “soccer mom”, usually conjures up negative connotations of someone with the huge gas guzzling van or SUV with honor roll stickers on the outside, and kids screaming on the inside. But that type of mother has evolved.

Enter the Yoga Mom.

This defines today’s upper middle class (possibly career) woman, who obviously goes to yoga class, but could also include book clubs, happy hour with the PTA, and rolling up to an eastside Whole Foods in a Lexus 400h hybrid.

In the advertising world, one classification led to another. The term “soccer mom” was a broad marketing term. The yoga version is more specific yet harder to satisfy. Yoga moms are more exact in their needs and must have certain things. However, they’ll spend money to get it. Therefore, Yoga Moms are a goldmine and advertisers know it.

For automakers, this meant having to step up their game and make the family class vehicle worth buying, because Yoga Moms, by definition, are shrewd spenders.

Yoga Mom Vehicle Needs

The northwest yoga mom needs a little more of everything. You can tell the difference between them and soccer moms based on what they drive.

  • Style: It has to look nice, because no one wants the same thing. But even if it’s the same kind of car, it has to be a unique color.
  • Efficiency: Gas Mileage and Green Vehicles are the biggest differences. Soccer moms never cared about gas, just fill it up! But northwest yoga moms are more earth conscious, and if they are going to drive an SUV, it better be a hybrid.
  • Dependability: A yoga mom is busy, often times juggling career and family. The vehicle can’t be in the shop all the time, because the family must run like a well oiled machine.

Popular Yoga Mom Vehicles

Soccer Moms Vehicle Needs

Soccer moms have different needs than the yoga types. However there can be some overlap.

  • Size: There has to be enough room for at least 2 kids and all their things.
  • Dependability: This is true for both soccer and yoga moms.
  • Safety: If the kids are riding in it, it better be safe. The old thought was bigger is safer.
  • Extras: It’s great to have a DVD and swivel chairs in the back of the Town and Country to keep the little ones interested.

Popular Soccer Mom Vehicles

  • Toyota Siena
  • Subaru Forrester/Outback
  • Mazda 5 Touring
  • Chrysler Town and Country
  • Jeep Commander
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  1. Evelyn on November 8th, 2008 3:18 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your article regarding Differences Between the Soccer Mom and Yoga Mom Vehicles. I’m probably a little of each but it will be interesting when I shop for my next vehicle.

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