Progressive Insurance VIP Service for Seattle Car Drivers

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progressive-service-centerWhen you think of concierge service, images of the helpful attendant at the Bellagio or the Four Seasons comes to mind. Did you need last minute tickets to Cirque Du Soleil? No problem, just call the concierge and he can hook it up!

That may be true for hotel service, but when it comes to auto insurance it probably doesn’t happen very often. However, if you’re a Progessive Insurance customer, you can get concierge-like service, without having to tip. It’s the Progressive Service Center.

The Ohio based insurer goes the extra mile in making things easier for their customers after an accident. While most insurance companies make you call the agent, who then makes you call an 800 number, and after that it’s more calls for you to get quotes and such, for Progressive policy holders it can be as easy as one call. For customers in Seattle, it can be as easy just dropping the vehicle off in Lynnwood and letting someone else do the dirty work.

“The focus is prompt, quality service for our customers,” explains Colby Smith, Progressive Service Center Manager in Lynnwood. “We feel this type of service separates us from the competition. People really seem to enjoy it because they find it so easy.

Considering there are only 54 Progressive service centers across the nation, with the Lynnwood location being the only one in Washington, Progressive customers in the Seattle area are treated like VIP’s. While the service center people will do the majority of the hassle-work for you, the best thing about these service centers are the costs. There is none. There are no out of pocket costs.

“There’s no extra charge for the service center,” says Smith. “It’s already built in. Anybody with a (Progressive) policy who’s been in an accident can use it. Customers will get a quality repair promptly, and we’ll ensure customer satisfaction.”

But don’t think you can just drop in on any given Saturday to get the oil changed on the convertible you’ve had covered in the garage all winter. The Progressive service centers are strictly for accidents claims. And if these service centers are as popular with customers as they say they are, Progressive could start climbing the local auto insurance charts. They’re currently the 6th largest auto insurer in Washington State.

Now they just need to find a way to get those Cirque Du Soleil tickets, that’d be real VIP!

Locate a Progressive Service Center around the country

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