Snow in Seattle Strikes Fear in Drivers!

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Folks in the Northwest are known to be tougher than most. Be it rain, earthquake, bad economy, or housing crisis, we can shake off most anything. However the one thing that will have most Seattlites hopeless and shivering in the fetal position is snow.

There’s nothing more crippling to drivers in the Puget Sound area. The snow itself is not the thing that’s damaging to the roads, it is the drivers on it. Smart people turn surprisingly dumb when a few flakes actually stick. When driving, remember to watch out for others who are scared of it, they can make a difficult situation much worse. In all likelihood more snow is on the way, be careful to watch for bad snow drivers. Unfortunately our city has a bunch of them.

When there’s snow in Seattle, that means it’s a winter wonderland in the mountains, and according to Sean McDermott of the Washington state department of transportation, the mountain passes will generally close in the winter and reopen in the spring.

As for city streets, he warns to use caution, especially to ones that ice up easily, such as overpasses, ramps, and bridges.

He told the Seattle Times,

“Drivers should treat all the surfaces they drive on as if they’ve been completely iced over,” McDermott said. “Don’t try to get anywhere fast.”

So stay warm and be careful when driving.

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