Do Seattle Car Owners Need AAA Services?

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All it takes is one time for your car to break down on I-90 in a snow storm, or getting a flat tire in downtown when all the bars have closed, to realize the importance of owning a AAA card. Read more

Driving in Seattle’s High Winds

December 20, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

(Seattle,WA) December 20

The 2008 holiday season will be remembered for snow and high winds. With gusts reaching hurricane-like speeds in some areas, many state and emergency officials emphasize staying indoors. The combination of snow, ice and high winds can be disastrous for drivers.

According to when driving in high winds:

  • Be aware of vehicles around you. High winds are more problematic for drivers of trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, campers, and drivers who are towing trailers.
  • Reduce your speed and correct your steering, especially when moving from a protected area to an unprotected area, or when meeting large vehicles.
  • Wind is often accompanied by heavy rain or winter precipitation. Stay alert for slippery areas.

Also be aware of the floating bridges and closures. Check out some helpful driving tips from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Winter driving is not just driving in snow. Seattle drivers should take the same precautions when driving in high winds, heavy rain, and flooding. Take your time and be smart about it.

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