The 5 Worst Parkings Lots In the Seattle Area

December 6, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

5. Southcenter Costco
Just the number of people alone make most Costco parking lots a nightmare, it’s even worse on weekends or during the holidays. But the Southcenter Costco tops them all. It’s kind of on the side and the parking is just all over the place with a weird side entrance which is a one way I believe. All the makings of a complete nightmare especially if you’re trying to get that big box of diapers before the coupon expires. The other Costco stores are fine, in fact they normally have roomy parking stalls.

4.Sea Tac’s Cell Phone Waiting Lot
First time, I could barely find it it was so small. If you’ve actually found a space consider yourself lucky. It’s a great idea, I wish they would expand. Or have they done this already? If they haven’t they should.

3. Renton Walmart
It feels like a you’re a lab experiment when you drive in there. The drivers would be the mouse and the parking lot is the maze. It’s always crowded and the spaces are tight and there’s never enough room. Better just park at Popeye’s grab some spicy chicken and walk to Walmart(Dont do it, I’m sure the Popeye’s people would tow you) I don’t shop there just because of the parking lot, forget saving 2 bucks on laundry detergent, someone just dinged my door!

2. Qwest Field Parking Garage(After a Seahawks Game)
When it comes to sporting events and parking garages it’s always bad. But considering there’s just one way in and one way out, the Qwest field garage is the worst. If you’re the unlucky soul parked on the top level. Better leave in the 3rd quarter or go to the Pyramid after the game because the wait will be long. I swear I was in the car for about a half hour just to get back onto Royal Broughm(sp?) Compare it to the Safeco garage, they have it down there are multiple exits and you can get out quickly(unless it’s a Yankees/Red Sox day game).

1. Bellevue Whole Foods
You’ll see some sweet rides in that lot, it’s just a terrible set up. All the spaces are right in front of the store and it is super cramped. Why design such a flawed parking lot when it’s Range Rover, Mercedes SUV, and a BMW watering hole? You will undoubtedly yell at some upper crust mom who just came from the tanning salon/gym and wanted to stop and get a quick bite and a shot of wheat grass (about $22.95 for that lunch). Better just park somewhere else, and let someone else lose it.

These are solely my opinion, I’m interested in hearing others.

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