The 2010 Toyota Prius is in Hybrid Heaven in Seattle

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It’s rare when a vehicle actually lives up to the hype. But by all accounts, the 2010 Toyota Prius will do just that and maybe more. Unveiled at the Detroit auto show, Toyota made a big splash, and maybe even sent a message to other hybrid automakers. The fouth generation of the Prius will have a new bigger body, more efficient engine, and various features that would make “going green” chic and hip. The most notable feature will be the roof mounted solar panels on the higher end versions of the hybrid, that will power the electric accessories such as the climate system.

Locally, word of the 2010 Prius is already at loud buzz, with many potential buyers waiting for this new Toyota hybrid rather than saving thousands now on the 2009 version, by using the Washington state tax exemption. Lets consider the numbers on that, people would rather pay a premium price a new hybrid technology car(maybe $27,500 loaded), rather than save thousands of dollars(over $2500) on a new 2009 Prius.

“People are excited about it(2010 Prius),” claims Matt Page from Toyota of Bellevue. “The people who asking about the 2010, are sure they want to buy it. It’s supposed to be more efficient and they want that new hybrid technology.”

The 2010 will supposedly get better mileage than the older generation model, by 4-5 miles per gallon. If that’s true, that will be close to 50 mpg. The 2010 is reportedly bigger than in years past as well, 3-4 inches longer and an inch wider. Even with the increases capacity and efficiency, the 2010 will also have more horsepower, rumored up to 160hp from 110hp.

But of course, Toyota didn’t just stop at the 4-door sedan. News out of the Detroit unveiling, is that later in the year, the Prius will come in a wagon and/or mini van model. There will also be newer upgraded versions(think iPhone) where buyers will have the option of buying the Prius with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that would allow drivers to plug-in their vehicles.

In the Seattle area, the 2010 will be available around spring time, expect the price tag to start around the mid-$20,000 range. But you’ll just have to wait and see on everything else.

“Unfortunately I have to be vague about them(2010 Prius’), ” says Page. “They’ll be here no later than May, but other than that, all I can tell you is there are plenty of people asking about them.”

Being that they’re reportedly bigger, stronger, and saves more in fuel, it’s no wonder that Toyota’s Prius is the world’s top-selling hybrid. From all accounts, the 2010 version will do things even better and thus, living up to the hype.

According to Consumer Guide Automotive here are the preliminary specs for the 2010 Toyota Prius

Drive wheels: front
Engine: 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine with battery-driven electric motor
Horsepower: 100 gas engine, 160 combined
Torque: NA

Transmission: continuously variable automatic (CVT)
Wheelbase: 108.3 inches
Length: 178.5 inches
Width: 68.9 inches
Height: 58.5 inches
Base curb weight: 2,975 lb
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2 Responses to “The 2010 Toyota Prius is in Hybrid Heaven in Seattle”

  1. Chuck on January 31st, 2009 11:29 am

    when will these be at the dealerships?

  2. Douglas Mclaughlin on May 10th, 2009 7:34 pm

    Interested in purchasing 2010 Prius. Do you ship to Anchorage Alaska? What are the cost packages and what about shipping costs?. Best price for cash purchase on touring models??? DMcL +EMcL

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