The Bad Boy Buggy is All Good

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How would people describe a typical off-road vehicle? Maybe loud, possibly rugged, but certainly gas burning. That’s where the Bad Boy Buggy comes in.It’s a green off-road vehicle that is completely electric, and also claims to be virtually silent. The Bad Boy Buggy sounds like a contradiction in terms: an environmentally friendly and stealth off-road vehicle.

Usually the ATV and UTV’s of the world have next to nothing to do with being earth conscious or eco-friendly. The Bad Boy vehicle brings both worlds together.

“This electric buggy option is great especially when it comes to wildlife,” explains Selah Willard, Executive VP of Bad Boy Enterprises. “The Bad Boy is so quiet it won’t disturb the environment. It’s like going to a petting zoo when I’m on it, I can get real close and not threaten or scare the wildlife, like if I was on an ATV.”

The Bad Boys efficiency gets about 35 miles per battery charge and can reach up 20mph. There are actually two 15.5 DC motors on the front and back which provides power and a drive train that is nearly silent. The low noise decibels have become the biggest selling point. In fact, the company’s slogan is, “They’ll Never Hear You Coming.”

Going into their sixth year, the Mississippi based Bad Boy Enterprises has sold well over 11,000 of their electric charged buggies in the United States. However, the majority of their sales are coming from the South where the vehicle is primarily used for hunting. However, Bad Boy wants to expand their client base and connect with an eco conscious demographic as well.

“This [Seattle] is the perfect area for it,” says Willard at the Seattle Auto Show. “We certainly have a built in customer base with folks who like to hunt, but we would love to expand that and be considered by Earth conscious urban dwellers who want to vacation at the beach or mountains.”

At $9,995 for the base model, the Bad Boy Buggy is competitively priced. In terms of popularity, the electric Bad Boy has star appeal. On the company’s website, there are celebrity testimonials from various country music stars and hunting experts. ESPN’s Bow Hunting Pro Tom Miranda says “If you think the Bad Boy is a golf cart of steroids you haven’t driven one. A better definition is a “mini electric Hum-Vee.”

Bad Boy Buggy Specs (website)
Engine Type: Dual Electric DC Motors
Horsepower: 2 – 15.5 hp – 31 hp total
Torque: 170 foot pounds
Drive Train
Drive: Direct drive front & rear
4WD: Auto & full time 4WD, switch on the fly
Front Tires: 22 x 9 -10
Rear Tires: 22 x 9 -10
Wheelbase: 69 in
Length: 113 in
Width: 53 in
Height: 83 in
Dry Weight: 1650 lbs
Turning Radius: 14.58 ft
Ground Clearance: 8.25 in
Clearance @ Center of Frame: 16.5 in
Load Capacity
Cargo Bed: 800 lbs
Front Basket: 40 lbs
Roof Rack: 75 lbs
Vehicle Payload: 1000 lbs
Camo, Hunter Green, Red, B

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