The Best 2009 Cars for the Money

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Everyone is looking for value. Gone are the days when you spend too much on features and buy something loaded with items you don’t need. The Seattle area driver for the most part is smart. In today’s Seattle car market, most people looking to purchase a vehicle are educated, and aren’t willing to spend frivolously.

But every driver is different and the important question to ask yourself when considering an auto purchase is; what do I need? What do I want? What can I afford and willing to spend?

Answering those questions will guide you to the vehicle that’s right for you.

US News and World Reports published a list of the best and worst vehicles for the money, depending on many specific factors relating to cost. Their rankings are based on opinions from the automotive press, it also incorporates a five year total in ownership of the vehicle, and includes facts from Intellichoice which determines new car values and owning costs.

The rankings are not based on rebate incentives, but more on how much buyers will spend on the maintenance and fuel, while also calculating depreciation. So in reality their rankings are, best car for your money… over time.

Jamie Page Deaton writes

Car shoppers face an uncertain economy and a shrinking ability to borrow. The key to surviving the current marketplace is to stretch your dollars as far as they’ll go — but that doesn’t mean flocking to the biggest incentives. It means focusing on cars that are proven winners and offer a great value over the entire life of the car.

Here are five from the US News and World Reports 2009 Awards

Toyota Camry -Best Midsize Car for the Money

Honda Fit– Best Subcompact Car for the Money

Hyundai Elantra -Best Compact Car for the Money

Chevrolet Tahoe-Best Full Size SUV for the Money

Lexus GS– Best Luxury Car for the Money

In all, the magazine had 14 different vehicle categories, with Toyota being the big winner. The Japanese automaker placed five Best Vehicles for the Money in their respective classes, also getting another three from Lexus. However the biggest surprise could be the Hyundai Elantra which ended up being the best compact car for the money. Proof the Korean automaker is gaining ground on powerhouses Toyota and Honda.

See the full list of Best Cars for the Money and all the different categories by US News and World Reports.

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