Washington Cracks the Top 10 in Uninsured Motorists!

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‘What do you mean you don’t have any insurance?’

If you’ve ever uttered this phrase after a car accident, chances are you weren’t happy about it. Surprisingly this happens a lot in the state of Washington.

According to the Insurance Research Council, in 2007 Washington had the 10th highest uninsured motorist rate in the entire country. The national average for uninsured motorists was at a rate of 13.8% in 2007, with the state of Washington owning a rate of 16%.

But why? According to those in the insurance industry, it comes down to jobs and the economy.

“There’s a strong correlation between the uninsured motorist and unemployment,” cites Darrin Sanger, Communications Director of the Northwest Insurance Council. “And according to the study, with national unemployment rates going up, so are uninsured rates. With all those rates going up, we can expect overall insurance rates to go up as well.”

Insurance rates are based upon stats and history generated from research studies. Insurance companies use these numbers to set what they charge in their rates. Those who drive without insurance make a significant impact on those overall rates.

“Uninsured and under insured motorists cost insured motorists over $80 million in Washington state, claims Sanger. “It’s something we all pay for.”

What’s the solution if you’re involved with someone without auto insurance and you don’t have adequate coverage? Small claims court or cash settlements are the most likely solutions. But in any loss the NW Insurance Council encourages drivers to fill out an accident/police report, take pictures, and get information from the other drivers, and witnesses.

“Contact your insurance provider if there’s been any accident,” says Sanger. “They can tell you all you need to know about rates and how they handle uninsured motorists.”

Top 5 Uninsured Motorists States for 2007
1. New Mexico
2. Mississippi
3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida
*10. Washington

To find out more about auto insurance rates check out the Northwest Insurance Council website.

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One Response to “Washington Cracks the Top 10 in Uninsured Motorists!”

  1. Don Moe SR on August 17th, 2012 3:50 pm

    The economy does have some effect, but I disagress with the Insurance Council. This has more to do with compliance than money. At my agency we write new policis on clients with “no insurance” ticktes to have them come back after the court date and the fine reduction to court costs, to cancel the policy they bought three days before. As soon as the judges decide to enforce the ticket amount of $450 then the sooner this will be solved. A better idea is to make the driving without insurance part of the financial responsibility law. To keep their license they would have to file SR-22 and the state would keep track if their insurance was inforce.

    Don Moe

    American Insure-All

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